Sambo Jiu-Jitsu Fusion

We are proud affiliates of the Sambo Jiu-Jitsu Fusion program under its founder World Champion Vlad Koulikov.

Our classes will teach you how to protect yourself, control, and finish opponents by way of live application.

Practicing each technique with and against partners you will learn and apply techniques for hands-on real-world use in stand up, top and bottom groundwork including throws & takedowns, submissions, pinning, and sweeps.

Our amazing curriculum is taught by advanced instructors on an appropriate gradient system, so you can confidently work your way up from a beginner to an advanced practitioner.

Classes are in the Gi (uniform) and No Gi. Please refer to the SCHEDULE.

For your first class you can wear regular workout clothes (no shoes or socks on the mats). Once you sign up all Gi classes require a Jiu-Jitsu uniform. No Gi classes short sleeve or long sleeve rashguard and grappling shorts are required.

What does your membership include?

Unlimited Adult classes Gi and No Gi.


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